os installation software upgradeOS (Operating System) Installation & Virus Cleaning

Most of the computer problems occur because of software corruption, with the virus and bugs in applications, It is very important that an attempt to repair is preceded by the backup of vital data and settings if any.

we can help you in installing of all the windows and application software

Software issues we deal

  • Software s Slow processing or hangs
  • Windows, Linux OS installation and Updates
  • Windows OS installation with data backup
  • Ms-office installation and upgrades
  • Formatting and cleaning the hard disk drives
  • Antivirus installation malware protections
  • Internet issues Wi-Fi issues
  • Other software installation
  • Other software issues

We can help you in installing trouble shooting bellow all jobs

  • AutoCAD all versions installation
  • Basic data recovery from formatted and deleted partitions
  • Book marks importing and exporting
  • Computer Tune Ups
  • Corel draw all versions installation
  • Differences between GPT and NTFS partitions setup
  • Drive mapping and sharing
  • Internet Connectivity / WiFi Repair issues
  • Net gear, D link router, Tplink, configuration, PPOE, STATIC, DYNAMIC
  • Outlook configuration and pst backup
  • Printer Set Ups / Troubleshooting wireless printer setup, sharing’s
  • System general service, cable organizing, clean-up of dust
  • Ubuntu installation
  • Virus and Spyware malware removal
  • windows 10 activation
  • windows 10 all admin options and regular usage
  • Windows 10, 8.1 7 Original key backups
  • windows 7 8 10 Home group creation, work group creation
  • Windows 7, 8 ,8.1, 10 Genuine license key finder and installing with ISO
  • Dual OS install windows and Ubuntu
  • Dual Os install Mac Os and windows
  • Windows install in Macbook
  • Installing windows in GPT partition without loss of partitions and data

We can help you in systems restore and windows recovery for all the below models

Dell, Hp, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Gateway, Acer, Samsung, Apple

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