Computer Safe user guide

  • Keep your computer free from Spywares/Adware’s use a proper antivirus software to protect your privacy & data.
  • Use strong passwords ( Ex: ABC$123#abc ) for your all your online accounts for avoid hacking and phishing.
  • Use power backup & surge protection devices to avoid power fluctuations and frequent windows crashes.
  • Preventative maintenance – periodic checks on your system before problems occur to avoid downtime of your systems.
  • Use cloud storage options to sync your important data online to avoid data lost. Smart Tune-up’s junk files clean-up’s will help your computers for better performance.
  • Always keep your computers from dust free for the long life of your computers.
  • Provide good ventilation to your computers to avoid over heating & hanging problems.
  • Use proper seating positions when you work longer times on computers to avoid the health risks.
  • Use our Managed services to avoid large cost savings compared to individual service calls