We are intelligent, versatile and quick-thinking. We can fulfill just about all of your IT assistance needs no matter how clever or ordinary.

Networking, Data file and Printing device Sharing

We can set up a network, or enhance rates of speed and take care of problems on your present system. We can allow you to safely and securely share data files and photo printers on computer systems within your system.

Backup Systems

We can recommend several information back-up options designed to your situation. Whether you want the protection of off-site back-up or you would like to keep your information available, we will work with you to apply the back-up technique that best fits your needs and price range.

Accessories and Peripheral free doorstep delivery

We have skills cleaning the most stubbornly contaminated computer systems. We will back up your information, and create sure your pc is free of virus. Based on our experience we can figure out if your system information files have been broken or not. Once your pc is clean, we will create sure you are secured, reducing the possibility of getting re-infected.

Data Recovery and Crashes

Your information is the most precious part of your computer and we take it very seriously. If you have not had a appropriate back-up in place, and your hard disk fails or your data files get removed, we provide appropriate and effective file restoration services. If our in-house features cannot do the job, our collaboration with one of the most effective file restoration companies in the nation allows us to provide you a free “clean lab” assessment of your drive.

Set-up and Configuration

Let us take the fear out of your new pc purchase. We will assist you set up a new pc that will work with your current photo printers and other devices. We will create your system effectively secured against malware, eliminate any needless application resulting in frustrating notices (including malware set up by the manufacturer) , and link your new computer to your regional network. We will also create or check whether your application is up to date or not. So that we can assure you that your computer is secured against hackers. We can even explain to you how to get the most out of your new system.(We are also an approved Dell associate. Ask about buying your new Dell business-quality computer through us)

Hosting Server Support

Additionally, to the solutions we provide to all our customers, we even provide our company customers assistance for Microsoft windows Small Business server, Microsoft windows server Requirements, Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange. We will make sure the computers on your network are protected from malware, and that your company's critical data is securely supported up. We can also assistance your conversion to cloud solutions for your email and file storage needs.

Hardware and Software Issues

We are dedicated to solving those unique little frustrating problems no one else can determine. We think on our feet, and we can take care of problems that make other technicians toss up their arms in hopelessness and provide to “wipe” your pc. If your pc needs more than a bit of servicing, we will give you straight-forward guidance about whether it seems sensible to fix it or substitute it. We will let you know if a simple pc update, such as additional storage or a bigger hard disk, is beneficial. We will never provide you an update if your device is so old that you are better off buying a new PC. And we will never try to provide you on a new PC if an affordable update will keep you and your device satisfied.

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