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Remote Support

General Precautionary Servicing of Laptop or PC’s

Do not leave your battery power unused for a long period. Even if you use AC power most of enough time, use battery power regularly to keep it in fine condition. Switch off your AC adaptor when the laptop is not in use. This stops overcharging.

To extend battery power lifespan, you can try decreasing the LCD lighting while using your Laptop. You can switch on the `Standby’ and `Hibernation’ power saving ways, too, for good battery power lifespan; you can put off the Wi-Fi when not in use.

If you do not use your laptop for long time or twice a week or more then remove the battery power from laptops computer, but only after discharging it fully.

No consuming and drinking near or around your laptop. The least bit of water could short-circuit some delicates laptop tour, and provide it ineffective.

You may sometimes be influenced to turn your laptop off by simply having down the power key until it powers down. Although quick, this method is dangerous to laptops computer and could cause data loss. A hard restart should only be used as a last restore. Sometimes this is unavoidable, for example, when a Microsoft window dangles. But this should not be a frequent exercise.

Do not subject your laptop computer to shocks and jerks. This will help avoid destruction to your hard disk drive. Ideally, power the laptops computer off before moving it from one place to another place.

Exterior peripheral gadgets and components such as external optical drives, computer cards and USB key pad lighting sketch power from the laptop. Detach such gadgets when not in use.

Startup the laptop when it is not linked with a energy source that which attracts a lot of power from battery. Instead of closing down you r laptop in the middle of a conference, choose the `Suspend’ method if you wish to use sit again after just a short period of time. This will save battery energy and help you reboot your PC speed up to work fast.

If you have just shut down your laptop, give it Half a minute before you start it again. This guarantees that the hard drive has unique down, and is not exposed to unexpected changing on and off.

Do not put on laptops computer keeping of fabric or bed because generally t he air circulation is from base, regular doing so may reduce the life of laptop.

Do not press the key pads of laptops very hard because, if broken can cost very high, therefore while playing game preferable to use exterior keypad.

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