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Deleted Data? -Window or Mac

By Hemanth kumar | Dec 7, 2017

windows and mac

Windows and mac computers deal with deleted data very differently but both of us same work, so how to get important file recover successfully.

File and Folder Recovery on Windows :

There are two types of used by computers that run windows - the older FAT32 system and the more widespread NTFS.Because of the way these two file systems work, recovering deleted data from machines that run windows is often far more straightforward and successful than it would be on a mac

Deleting data on a windows machine doesn't actually erase the file, It simply erases a pointer that tells Windows where the file is located on the hard disk and marks the area of the disk occupied by the file as being no longer in use.

The last part of that sentence is important because it means Windows believes it’s no longer necessary to protect the disk space occupied by the file from being overwritten by different programs, and therefore Windows assumes that it can use this disc space.

Recovering Deleted Data on Mac’s :

Apple Mac Logo Many of us uses Macs these days. I used Windows and it’s MS-DOS predecessors for over 20 years. I moved to a Mac in about 2010 and the first question I asked myself was “What took me so long?”.Be that as it may, if you delete data on your Mac and empty the trash the chances of recovering your data are significantly smaller than they would be if you were using a Windows machine.

Again it comes down the way the file systems operate. Mac’s like to keep your files and folders tidy and optimized – this is great for speed but not so good when you delete a file or folder.

The best advice on what to do if you delete data from your Mac is the same as it is for Windows systems: Switch the machine off and consider the best approach for recovering the data using file recovery software.

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