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How to Restore SQL Database?

By Hemanth kumar | Nov 23, 2017


A sudden breakdown of power-supply leaves more impact on organization. When we are trying to update database and the power went off, then the database we are working are not saved so i have to restore SQL database from backup. The main problem is Corrupted database corrupted backup file – a circumstance not predicted at first.

If the SQL database is not restored correctly, We can recover it from backup but what if the database backup is also corrupted??

Restore SQL database using SQL server management studio, which arranges and manages all parts inside SQL server. SQL server management studio is a part of the licensed SQL database version and consists of script editors to act upon the corrupt database and resolve possible errors.

Restore using SQL Server Management Studio

Steps to restore SQL database backup

  • Connect to the instance of MS SQL server database and go to Object Explorer. Expand server tree by clicking on server name
  • Go to Databases and right-click on databases, followed by Restore Database
  • Click on Device and select the backup file.
  • Once you were done, Click OK
  • The following message will display
  • Refresh the database. Now you can see the restored database in Object Explorer

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