Replacing a Battery of Macbook Pro

macbook pro

We’re going to be removing and replacing a battery in a 15-inch MacBook Pro to start flip your computer over and first remove the ten screws on the base of the computer please know that there’s any tools ever needed to replace a battery they’re included with your purchase computer where your workout so the model number eight one three nine eight to find your model numbers on the back computer after the ten screws have been removed base plate from a computer and lift off now this is the battery on the inside of your computer let’s take a minute to talk about how to remove it this particular battery is gluten let’s pretend the blue spots or glue need some sort of solvent in my case I used Google that place a couple drops in between each battery cell as indicated by the yellow dots if you let the solvent sit long enough it will seep under each cell just all in the glue enough for you to get the plastic pry tool under each cell and lift it up free of the goop here start from one end and work your way down will be each cell one at a time being careful not to puncture it be sure to before working on battery unplug it which I will show you how to do that there is a black connector directly above the battery pull it straight up till it is free there are two screws holding the battery to your computer let’s remove us before once the screws are removed all the cells breathe blue batteries should lift on the back of battery you can see take a minute now to clean up your computer for me leftover glue or particles that came up you once your computer is clean take your new battery which has a plastic sleeve move and who is exposed slide the back of the battery into your computer press it down you replace the two screws that hold battery to the computer now connect better simply push the black plug into the socket and for that there one thing left to do is replace the cover on a computer and your 10 screws that you learned earlier and put them back in their respective holes battery that we replace today’s an extend brain this passive 95 watt hours and it has a useful life of 300 to 500 charge cycles if you have any questions you can give us a call at +91 9032330077 customer support.

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