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Safety Tips To Use External Harddisk

safety tips to use hard drive

Tech safety tip,about external hard drives so,everybody uses external hard drives,for backups but it’s more than just a,backup device a lot of people use this,as primary storage if you’ve got a,laptop or a desktop that’s running out,of space this could be great extra,storage to store some of the files and,folders that would normally be on your,computer and if you are using it for a,backup don’t let this be your only,backup we really recommend off-site,backup in addition to an on-site backup,we love the BTR’s the backup and,disaster recovery servers so if you have,questions about backups give us a call,so let’s jump right into our external,hard drive discussion so one of the,first things that we recommend when you,start setting up an external hard drive,is to test it you’d be amazed at how,many of these to be set up and find out,the next day something was wrong and,died it wasn’t working properly so,before you spend all this time copying,days and years and months and tons of,data over to it make sure it’s working,the manufacturers do offer some free,testing tools so for instance if you buy,a Seagate hard drive you can go to,Seagate website and get the free testing,tool if you buy a Western Digital Drive,you can get a Western Digital testing,tool it really kind of puts the drives,through its paces and make sure it’s,working properly before you spend all,your time copying day over to it the,second thing if you do use this for,primary storage make sure you have a,backup of it you don’t want any data,you’ve got no matter where it is you,don’t want just one copy of it so if,you’re using this thing from primary,storage if you’re plugging into your,laptop of your desktop to save movies or,videos pictures of any type make sure,you have a backup of your external,something that everybody doesn’t always,think about but something that’s very,important you do use it for your backups,make sure it’s encrypted with all the,compliance issues the drives going to be moving if you’re,going to take it with you if it’s going,to be leaving your office put it in your,laptop bag or your briefcase or your,purse,make sure it’s encrypted that way if,anyone,Dill’s it or if it’s lost the date on it,cannot be read so encryption is a great,first step for an external hard drive we,recommend it very strongly,another thing keep it cool like any,electronic part these things work a lot,better when they are cool and not hot so,if you keep it under your desk or you,keep it stored somewhere in a small,space remember it needs a few inches,around it for ventilation don’t put a,purse or a bag or anything like that a,jacket don’t put anything on top of it,that would prevent it from breathing,very well because it could fail we don’t,it to fail this is a full sized external,they also make some small ones they even,make some thumb drives the thumb drive,versions generally aren’t as heat,sensitive but the smaller portable ones,in these larger ones they definitely are,and then one of the last things make,sure you keep them plugged into good,power you got your computer hopefully,it’s plugged into a battery backup at,ups you will the same thing with this,external hard drive you don’t want this,thing plugged directly into the wall,with all the power surges and spikes we,have down here with our weather you want,to make sure it’s protected battery,backup gives you great surge protection,and you want to make sure this is,plugged into it so hopefully you are,using your hard drive a little bit,smarter now if you have any questions,give us a call +91 9032330077


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