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Basic 15-inch MacBook Pro repair so first lifted the power out here,so now there are some screws hiding,underneath a label just to take out,that must be what I need these tweezers,for there we go got it,they were useful tweezers after all okay,so that there we go so it’s lifting out,now,okay so asked for the battery let’s give,this solution a try,so just  fitted this, then just dab some solution at the top of the,battery just a little bit,and be very careful,now you can hear the solution,working actually then it alright,so don’t know how long you need to leave,it for but let’s give it a little bit of,a pry and see how far we can get,there we go so you can try some dental,floss now so I can actually try and pull,the that does work quite well so,try and rip this underneath the battery,until it comes out there it goes there,it goes,that’s one so look around that,like that’s two down all right let’s,lose to um alright so these ones this is,the most difficult to now it comes outside,after comes out   there it is,old battery,so now you can  do clean up,the inside and get it ready for the new,one alright so here we are I’ve given it,a little bit of a little bit of a clean,a little bit dirty on the edges but it’s,a flat enough surface Then you  can place you,about tree on I think what I’m going to,do first of all is actually test the,battery make sure it’s working before I,actually tape it down into the board so,and leave the cover for the adhesive on,just place it in there there you go,so it fits so that’s a good sign and,connector up connect it right just,pop on the cover and let’s make sure,we’re still in working order before I,connect this up,excellent okay well that’s good enough,for me so I’ll shut down and we’re,powered off okay so turn it back over I,move the lid right when I flip this,again okay right okay all right,that goes right solid peel this off,amazing for a new battery right so,screws let’s screw this back down and,forget that part,these black screws,that is it that is officially it right,so cover back on switch back on again,right here we are back in the OS let me,just focus up a little bit and moment of,truth there it is,cycles one perfect so it was,actually really useful and batteries replaced  of macbook.

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