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Resloving Beep Sound From A Computer


Welcome to another blog tech, again PC now in some cases,yellow issue where you could hear some,beeps on your PC knowledge is this is, beep and,you’ll hear a long pause and then to a,start again BBB now those are what we,call the BIOS beeps they basically are,indicate our can indicate when there’s a,issue their PC an issue that is that it,will cause a PC not to start oh right,you might not understand those beeps and,but what’s that mean is that it’s,basically serve that most until you want,something three beats usually means that,there’s something wrong with the memory,modules now different manufacturers will,use different standards so for example,your beeps might be two or it might be a,different number but normally it’s when,your PC is beeping so for most it’s,about three consecutive beeps a pause,and then they keep repeating now the PC,will not stop until you deal with the,issue so in most cases what you  want to do,if you’re getting those three beeps is,to check your memory modules you can see,you’re have to now case you have to the,first things I wanted to do is to take,out a lot of them all right so remove one case you need to get a,close-up of this it’s just like this,might be a different brand might look at,all these kids these are any ones are,very sharp wanna put this aside please,robot all them by the side we also by,electrostatic respond please worried at,this time so it does remove both clips,to the side they slide right up you,remove them all right now in most cases,what my top means that is these are but,all right so either both of them a,problem is defective or just one but you,have to figure out which one but first ,want to do is to clean the slot stone,here so what you can do is actually does,blow into the slot,all right what what up means that any,dust or debris that gets in here that,might be affecting the ability around to,actually communicate with the model,board you can remove the dust and you,might just be a DOS issue but just in,case we’ll put in one sticker from at a,time all right try to keep rolling by,the edges all right let’s sleep ,phoned all them it’s something like this,sort of carefully all the body edges,don’t touch the chips here all right,what you want to do here is if you’re,seeing one or two one the slots are amb,put it into a first because their,population rules so you have to put them,in this specific order if it’s two let’s,put both of them in any order that is,one you need to populate the first spot,first,all right so you’re gonna slide one back,in all right the memory is going to lock,into place like you see here and then,you’re going to try to pull the PC again,now if you continually hear the three,beeps it just means that guess what,this one is probably bad alright so in,such a case where you try again and,still getting the beeps it would mean,that this module is most likely but no,so for some of you be lucky and it will,just automatically on boot-up right that,means they’ll figure out that guess what,it’s one of the memory modules right but,still it I wanted to go ahead and test,again so to be sure just make sure you,just both are there because sometimes,whatever might have been good and it was,just the DOS alright so at 800 take hold,one and then again you want  to put in,the second one all right,and then you can  first try to boot again if,you did all this time and a problem,records it means that this one is but,sick and sure this one away revert to,the other one,however if both of them work it means,that you do lose those then you want to,put both in and it should work what both,you and still not working it might be a,bad slot maybe the second slot so you,might just need to avoid that slot all,right if you just have one memory module,you will not be able to do this so you,have the gold you can bring the,defective one with you two,computer store or if you buy stuff,online you can check out the type of,memory right,most cases see the you’re using ddr3 our,ddr2 or maybe there are newer models all,going on and you need to buy one of,those so you can take one of these into,the store he’ll give you a new one and,you dose basically put it back into,place all right,the beeps as well could mean other,things in most unlikely cases like,you’re just doing a new PC I arrived in,this issue just said it could be the,memory right so that’s a first suspect,I’ll go for in other cases it might need,the CPU is it a defective are seated,badly are they’ll shift so you might,need to actually remove the CPU and then,receipt it by receiving what that means,that you actually it’s assemble make,sure it’s aligned properly make sure,it’s and remove it put it back in reply,thermal compound and actually put back,in the heatsink and so on ,encountered this one on building new PC,sometime I made a mistake and that was,the reason why or it as such just,shifted people also try resetting the,motherboard by either moving this,battery keep int or from it I’m putting,it back in or you can use a jump puzzle,wire which is a jump up in under switch,it between the two pins here and then,put it back in original please all,actually reset PC alright

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