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RAM problem of your desktop motherboard if you use a desktop on your home then sometime you can face this kind of problem of your big stop so let’s start find solution first of all you can see here two slot RAM slot if you use your desktop long time long days then and one kind of just create on this RAMslot pink sometimes it disconnect RAM from motherboard this is why mother boat can’t get RAM connection so you have to clear those port properly first of all you can use petrol diesel and this kind of liquid to watch the this port if you wash it clearly then you can repair your problem but if still not solved then you can change those capacitor in on your motherboard to capacitor connect with two RAM slot its RAM it contains RAM power so you can change those capacitor no point work again finally after changing it problem still continued then you can change this and then you can see a dust with RAM slot it contains memory memory power it see and then if you change this you can see bar problem and not solved then you can change this I see it contents mmm empower memory et Cie an debtors it’s a ram connection if you can try to change it or soldering it hope your problem solve clearly but still your problem and not solve then you can check this resistance or diode on your board you can see a little little cap capacitor or resistance here you can check it or solder in it and the this resistance lines come from this main VG I see so you can check this clearly okay after that your problem still hang on then you can check backside of your book connection you can see here’s some connection with other parts sometimes it can fault connection so you can solder it and repair your board connection hit after doing it hope your problem will be solved.


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